25th Anniversary of the Cinematic Release of ‘The Witches’ Filmed at The Headland, Cornwall

• Special Outdoor Screening Monday 25th May
• Overnight ‘The Witches Hotel’ Family Package Unveiled

Stormy Day View Headland Hotel 1024x679 25th Anniversary of the Cinematic Release of ‘The Witches’ Filmed at The Headland, Cornwall
This May marks the 25th anniversary of the cinematic release of ‘The Witches’, the film which put Newquay, and indeed The Headland Hotel on Hollywood’s map. Starring Rowan Atkinson and Angelica Houston, the Roald Dahl adaptation quickly became a childhood classic.

To mark the occasion, The Headland, perched on a north Cornish cliff top that juts out into the Atlantic, will be holding a very special outdoor screening of the film on Monday 25th May. A large cinema screen will be erected in the hotel grounds and guests as well as non-residents are invited to attend. The film begins at 9pm following dusk with the backdrop of the hotel and the sunset over the ocean providing a truly memorable experience. Food and beverages will be available to purchase on site.

Filmed during 1987, many of the film’s iconic scenes feature The Headland with both the interior and exterior used. The stars of the film resided in guest rooms during the shoot and caused quite a commotion at times, especially when Angelica Houston’s then boyfriend Jack Nicholson called through reception to speak with her! Rowan Atkinson played the hotel manager and on one occasion he ran a bath and went to bed without turning the taps off, the outcome was a flood with water arriving on the next floor!

Released in 1990 before the days of computer animation, the mice depicted in the film were about the size of Spaniel dogs; they had to be large to fit in all the electronic equipment to make them work. The actual pram pushed towards the cliff edge in the film was the Armstrong’s’ family pram, the owners of The Headland, which had been used for The Armstrong’s children. Thousands of guests from all around the world have visited the hotel having seen the film and many wide eyed children look around for the mice!

Tickets: £15 per adult (16 and over). £7.50 per child (aged 4-15), threes and under can attend for free, all accompanied by an adult. Spend the night at ‘The Witches Hotel’ in a family room including breakfast and tickets. From £255.00 based on two adults and two children.

The Headland has no bookings for a witch convention in the near future so all children are very welcome!

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