A Visual Feast at Legendary Langan’s Brasserie – “Eat Down Your Art”

The Langan’s stamp is easy to identify; silver-service, popular and long standing Anglo French dishes all within a somewhat unique environment with over 30 years of history. Entering Langan’s Brasserie you are surrounded by prints & paintings which keep diners entertained. For many years Langan’s Brasserie was a place where artists could showcase their new works and ‘eat down’ their works with free meals equivalent to the projected value agreed between artist and restaurant directors.

“Eat Down Your Art” proved so popular that a recent sale of some of the pieces that had covered the walls at Langan’s Brasserie raised £1.8 million at auction at Christie’s. This money will be reinvested into the entire restaurant group which includes Shepherd’s Bar & Bistro in Westminster and Odin’s Bar & Bistro in Marylebone. Today, Langan’s continues to support artists by allowing selected works to be displayed at the busy restaurant whilst artists ‘eat down’ the value.

A recent arrival by artist Adrian George is currently hanging at Langan’s Brasserie (pictured below).

Adrian George Painting A Visual Feast at Legendary Langans Brasserie   Eat Down Your Art

Adrian George’s picture, in pencil on paper, is entitled ‘Madame M’.

The picture is priced at £7500.00 and an agreed eating rights fee has been established between Adrian George and Brian Clivaz, managing director at the Langan’s group.

Says Adrian George; “Feeding starving artists, or even those only mildly hungry, has always been part of the charm and entertainment of Langan’s Brasserie. Delightfully, it continues.”

Langan’s Brasserie is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday – Saturday between 7am and midnight and all day from 11am – 11pm on Sunday. Diners are invited to enjoy superb cuisine whilst feasting their eyes on beautiful artworks all for public sale.

Langan’s Brasserie will unveil a new bar on the first floor in an area previously used for private dining sometime in early 2013. The new Bar at Langan’s will offer an all-day bar menu. A modern archaeological discovery has been made on the first floor and has been fully restored. Thirty-five years ago; Patrick Procktor painted these walls with views of Venice. But just before his death in 1988, entrepreneur Peter Langan varnished over part of the Italian murals. An expert has since been found and has used a method for removing the varnish in a delicate manner using solvents and a scalpel without damaging the pigment. The frescoes are now emerging in all their brilliant originality and will form the backdrop of the new bar.

Brian Clivaz Langans Group MD 200x300 A Visual Feast at Legendary Langans Brasserie   Eat Down Your Art

Langan’s Restaurant Group Chief Executive Brian Clivaz comments; “Art has always been on the menu at Langan’s Brasserie and I continue to encourage artists to contact us with their art works. We support the arts and this community with great passion and our diners reward us for it. I don’t know anywhere else in London that engages this effervescently with art. Come and eat down your art at Langan’s Brasserie!”

For British tradition, a spoon full of nostalgia and an eye full of art in a unique gallery within a restaurant head to Langan’s Brasserie.


Stratton Street, London W1J 8LB
Telephone: 020 7491 8822