Behaviour Change is Key at FitFarms to Tackle National Rise in Obesity and Overweight in Adults & Children

As Worldwide Obesity Tips the Scales, The UK’s Leading Fitness Retreats Continue to Fuse Nutrition, Exercise and Behaviour Change with Positive Health & Fitness Results
o Blood pressure going from high to normal
o Type two diabetes being reversed and guests coming off their medication
o Average body fat loss of 6 per cent
o Average inch loss of 7 inches around the mid-section
o Average long term weight loss over 3 months of 2 stone
o Behaviour change tackling lifestyle techniques

FitFarms Team 21 1024x768 Behaviour Change is Key at FitFarms to Tackle National Rise in Obesity and Overweight in Adults & Children

Recent reports have once again highlighted the ongoing upward trend that globally, we are getting bigger and heavier and this is having a sustained long term impact on our health. Physical inactivity has been highlighted as one of the key issues along with an excessive intake of calories. FitFarms, the UK’s leading longest running non-bootcamp fitness retreats continue to tackle weight loss using three key areas; Nutrition, Exercise and Behaviour Change.

FitFarms holistic approach helps to build a stronger, healthier relationship with exercise and nutrition creating long-term changes. Their residential weight loss camps create a controlled and structured environment guaranteeing weight loss and lifestyle improvements. If the mind set changes and becomes more positive towards exercise and nutrition the person will create long term instead of short-term changes. FitFarms incorporate Tai Chi, Meditation, Pilates and Yoga amongst other activities on each course to help along with daily nutritional workshops.

Applying both a holistic and non-bootcamp approach, FitFarms fitness retreats operate from locations across the UK offering 3, 4, 7, 10 and 14 day retreats. FitFarms combine high intensity fitness activities with low intensity exercises which enhance the overall fitness experience. At each FitFarms retreat all guests are given a mentor who continues to follow their progress after the course via the FitFarms@Home 3 month post course programme.

Obesity rates in the UK are the highest in Europe and these have continued to see dramatic rises over the last few years. Modern technology has taken many people away from the outdoors reducing their activity. Behaviour change is now required in both adults and children. FitFarms offer several 7 night Parent & Youth courses. The parent youth course is open to guests from 14 years and above. The focus includes a look at life at home and family change making the course an investment for the whole family. Both parent and child are taught new lifestyle techniques which can be used beyond the 7 nights including a complete overhaul of both mental and physical condition. The next courses are Friday 1st August and Friday 24th October.

FitFarms dates run across the UK throughout the year at locations in the Peak District and Dorset with prices starting from £649.00 for a 3 Night Weekend Course including transfers from the nearest FitFarms train station, all meals, all activities and a 3 month post retreat programme.