Combine Affordable Design Accommodation and Opulent Unique Dining in Copenhagen

  • Absalon Hotel in the meatpacking district is one of the city’s oldest family owned hotels
  • Mielcke & Hurtigkarl at The Royal Danish Horticultural Garden Society is truly unique
  • World famous for design and cuisine, Copenhagen delivers in an inimitable manner
  • The OECD Better Life report ranks the Danes as number one for work-life balance

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Over many years, Denmark has constantly ranked at the top of several positive lifestyle surveys. Copenhagen continues to innovate in two areas it is globally recognised for; design and cuisine. Understatement is the seal of this capital city and design and cuisine are accessible to all.  The Absalon Hotel in Vesterbro and its restaurant friend Mielcke & Hurtigkarl at The Royal Danish Horticultural Garden Society, showcase the fusion between affordable design and world class cuisine perfectly.

The OECD’s Better Life report confirms that Danes have a better work-life balance than any other country. The OECD report found that just 2% of employees regularly work very long hours compared with the OECD average of 13%. Instead, they spend around two-thirds of their day (16 hours) eating, sleeping and indulging in leisurely pursuits.[i] Welcome to Copenhagen.

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The Absalon Hotel is located in the heart of Vesterbro in central Copenhagen. The hotel was founded more than 75 years ago by the grandparents of managing director and general manager Karen Nedergaard. It re-launched in mid-2015 following a complete refurbishment which included the conservation of the stunning exterior classical architecture which dominates the street. The hotel is home to 161 affordable suites and bedrooms and plays a large role in bringing locals together with visitors to this city. The hotel offers bikes to its guests who can explore the city on two wheels. The hotel is home to a games room and also hosts regular events for both guests and locals including hosting a number of concerts during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival all with free admission.

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The Absalon Hotel operate a CONCEPT24 package which allows a late departure at no extra cost, meaning the guest keeps the room for 24 hours, no matter what the time of arrival. All suites and bedrooms at the Absalon Hotel are modern in design maintaining the classic foundations of this iconic building. The hotel includes designs from the Designers Guild in the UK with three colour themes. From the ‘Grass’ theme on the top floor with great views of the city,  to the ‘Ocean’ and ‘Berry’ themes for the standard rooms on all other floors. In total, there is six room types including a beautiful suite.

Running Copenhagen offers running sightseeing tours in Copenhagen with a local guide. Tours allow visitors to the city to interact with locals who showcase insights into the city and introduce the city’s attractions. Special tours include Architecture Tours and Family Tours. The Absalon Hotel have partnered with Running Copenhagen who meet guests at the hotel for a bespoke tour of the city.

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Copenhagen is the epicentre of New Nordic Cuisine. The Absalon Hotel don’t have a restaurant but do recommend their innovative friends located in Copenhagen’s most beautiful royal gardens; Mielcke & Hurtigkarl restaurant.

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The Royal Danish Horticultural Garden Society provides a stunning backdrop for some innovative cooking. The restaurant is a treat for all the senses starting with the design and art on display including unique works by some of the most prominent artists and designers from Denmark. The menu is seasonal and offers a gastronomic experience of five, seven or more dishes. Owner and Executive Chef Jakob Mielcke is famous across the world and has developed a strong foodie following. He originally trained at Pierre Gagnaire in Paris and later at the Lecture Room & Library at Sketch in London. Jakob has been part of Masterchef for four consecutive seasons from 2014-2017 as both a judge and host. A meal here is memorable and will stay in the mind of the diner for some time.

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Through art, decor, herbs, light design, smells and sounds Mielcke & Hurtigkarl  have interpreted and integrated their restaurant with it’s beautiful surroundings. The space itself with the graphic wall decor reflects the nature and the garden outside, while the tables are kept clean and with the white damask cloth represent flowers in the garden or a glade in the forest. Paired with the small pebble stones it is a calm, clean canvas on which they serve their guests – a very clean minimalist setting. In order not to remove focus from the food and keep the experience calm, the restaurant serve the dishes one by one with the matching glass, cutlery etc – as a gesture to the guest to allow them to fully focus on the food without any distractions over several hours.

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The Danish textile designer, Margrethe Odgaard has created the interior and the graphic identity for the restaurant. She comments: “Frederiksberg Gardens are very beautiful in a groomed and cultivated way and I have mirrored the garden image, but warped the prettiness of it, by depicting weird insects, beetles and weeds. My intention is that initially you  should feel like you are sitting in a well-groomed garden, and that you would only discover the insects bit by bit.”

A house where good taste has been cultivated for 270 years! Set in Denmark’s  oldest and most beautiful garden – The Royal Danish Garden Society – Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is housed in a historical location and space – not just an old house, but a building that royalty as well as one of Denmark’s best architects have been involved in. The history of the building goes back to the days of King Christian IV. In 1882, the Danish Royal Garden Society took over the lease. The garden society  implemented a grand plan of changing the aged kitchen garden to a beautiful and modern facility. In 1923, a long- time wish was fulfilled: A restaurant was opened in the previous garden room of the main building. Almost half a century later, modern gastronomy arrived at the house when Roy Hurtigkarl took over the restaurant. And since 2008, Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl have set the gastronomic agenda between the almost 270-year-old walls.

To express the affirmative, Danes will sometimes pull in air abruptly while making a ‘hah’ sound accompanied by a slight backward tilt of the head. This could be a understated reaction adopted by tourists when they realise that Copenhagen can be both affordable and memorable whilst enjoying the Danish hallmarks of world class design and unique cuisine.

Raise a glass in Copenhagen and don’t forget to make eye contact and say Skål! and

The Absalon Hotel: Helgolandsgade 15, DK-1653 Copenhagen +45 33 24 22 11

B&B is priced from 1125 DKK (around £132)

Copenhagen airport is 20 minutes away (5 mins walk to central Station then a 15 mins train)

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl: Frederiksberg Runddel 1. 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen +45 38 34 84 36

The restaurant is open Tuesday – Saturday from 18.00

[i] OECD Better Life Index