Dealing with Rip Current – Tips from Surf Sanctuary

Group Surf Sanctuary Lesson at The Headland 1024x710 Dealing with Rip Current   Tips from Surf Sanctuary

With many of us heading on summer breaks, a trip to the sea is probably on the agenda. We all need to be aware of Rip Current. Dom Moore from Surf Sanctuary comments on Rip Current (pictured top image) on Fistral Beach this morning (Friday 3rd July):

‘The first and most important thing to do when you realise you are in a rip current (usual signs are the feeling of being swept out to sea, unable to make progress back to shore, water suddenly deeper than you expected) is to remain calm, and stay attached to any floatation devices you have such as surfboards or bodyboards.

Next, swim / paddle parallel to the beach back into the wave zone to escape the current, just like swimming across a river to the bank. ‎Once back amongst the waves, use them to return to shore.

If for whatever reason you are unable to paddle or swim, stay with your board, or tread water and remain calm as all rip currents dissipate just beyond the wave zone. Your progress out to sea will stop, and you can call, wave for assistance.’

Watch the current conditions on Fistral Beach now with The Headland Hotel’s Surf Cam: