FitFarms Include Tai Chi, Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Belly Dancing Whilst Developing Sustainable Nutritional Programmes & Behaviour Change

3, 4 & 7 Day Retreats In Dorset, Peak District & Somerset

FitFarms Team Morning Activity 1024x682 FitFarms Include Tai Chi, Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Belly Dancing Whilst Developing Sustainable Nutritional Programmes & Behaviour Change

Boot camps that highlight shouting and excessive fitness activities are a fading trend. They don’t work in the long term. FitFarms have always been different and have always delivered results. Whilst most weight loss and fitness camps have two key areas to their programme which is nutrition and exercise, FitFarms have three key areas. Nutrition, Exercise and Behaviour change. Behaviour change is the link that joins the three together. If your mind set changes and becomes more positive towards exercise and nutrition you will create long term instead of short term change.

Applying both a holistic and non-bootcamp approach, FitFarms fitness retreats operate from three locations in the UK offering 3, 4 & 7 day retreats. Combining high intensity fitness activities with low intensity exercises which enhance the overall fitness experience, FitFarms are the market leaders in the UK. At each FitFarms retreat all guests are given a mentor who continues to follow their progress after the course via the FitFarms@Home 3 month post course programme.

FitFarms ensure weight loss targets are met in a manageable and achievable manner whilst focusing on the reasons behind weight gain looking into nutrition in a way many customers have never experienced before. FitFarms combines weight loss and the toning of the body via a controlled environment. Following an initial one to one consultation with a life coach and personal trainer you are then welcomed to a variety of exercises designed to suit your level of fitness. You are part of a team of 20 guests who have access to personal trainers, nutritionists, a chef and a life coach.

Results at FitFarms speak for themselves. At FitFarms guests lose body fat not muscle:

• Week Weight Loss Results – Average= 8lbs 3oz
Record= 19lbs 7oz
• Long Term Weight Loss Results – Average=3 stone 5lbs 1oz
Record=9 stone 8lbs 7oz
• Waist & Hip Results – Average= 5.3 Inch decrease
Record= 8.1 Inch decrease
• Lung Capacity Results – Average= 34% increase
Record= 47% increase

To maximise the results FitFarms use their own intensity level scale which is based on heart beats per minute (HRS – Heart Rate Scale). The HRS means you are not competing with others which ultimately allow you to feel comfortable with yourself and the surroundings when exercising.

Aside from the above results, FitFarms retreats have delivered major health improvements including:
• Blood pressure going from high to normal
• Type two diabetes being reversed and guests coming off their medication
• Average body fat loss of 6 per cent

Visitors to a FitFarm have noted a complete life changing experience which has not only improved health for the long-term but has helped elevate their confidence and wellbeing in all things work and play. The post course 3 month programme FitFarms@Home continues to support all who attend a retreat. Through the site, they will learn to cook balanced, portion-controlled but tasty meals at home, and how to include exercise into their daily life patterns by making it something to look forward to.

FitFarms dates run across 3 UK locations throughout the year in the Peak District, Somerset and Dorset with prices starting from £599.00 for a 3 Night Weekend Course to £1099.00 for a shared room on a 7 Night Course.
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