UK’s Leading NON boot camp Weight Loss Retreat Unveil NEW 7 Night Parent Youth Courses Fusing Fitness & Nutrition Targeting UK’s Alarming Overweight & Obese Trends

  • The percentage of obese children in Year 6 (19.2%) was over double that of Reception year children (9.5%) whilst an additional 14.7% in Year 6 were considered overweight.
  • Obesity prevalence was significantly higher in urban areas than rural areas. Obesity prevalence among Year 6 children living in urban areas was 19.9% compared with 16.3% and 15.6% living in town areas and village areas respectively.
  • Year on year increases showing alarming trends; In Year 6, the proportion of obese children (19.2%) was higher than in 2010/11 (19.0%). The proportion of overweight and obese children combined (33.9%) was also higher than in 2010/11 (33.4%).


Having started out in 2006 as the only NON boot camp fitness retreats, FitFarms today continue to be leaders in their field offering 3 Night Weekend Courses, 4 Night Midweek Courses and 7 Night Courses all for adults. From 5th April 2013 FitFarms are unveiling new 7 Night Parent Youth Courses which like all FitFarms retreats will fuse both fitness & nutrition to achieve weight loss in a managed environment.

The Parent Youth courses run during the Easter holidays and have been created at a time when the UK is seeing an alarming upwards trend of both overweight and obese children. At FitFarms children are motivated and guided to start living healthier lifestyles whilst in the company of their parents so that an overall understanding of the importance of weight loss and lifestyle choices is achieved all round. Each Parent & Youth is given a mentor who follows them throughout the 7 days and via the post 3 month course programme.

The courses are run by some of the best exercise specialists, behavioural coaches and nutritional therapists in the country. The team is managed by Weight Loss Camp guru Julie Brealy. Julie has achieved her reputation at the award winning adult weight loss camp FitFarms.

Ready for FitFarms 1024x682 UKs Leading NON boot camp Weight Loss Retreat Unveil NEW 7 Night Parent Youth Courses Fusing Fitness & Nutrition Targeting UKs Alarming Overweight & Obese Trends

The FitFarms Parent Youth programme is scientifically backed by research on exercise, nutrition and childhood obesity. Unlike most other weight loss camps the FitFarms Parent Youth Programme has a very detailed after care programme which ensures that the weight loss is maintained post course.

Highlights include:

  • Focusing on life at home and family change making the course an investment for the whole family
  • Attendees will be parent & child and they will naturally support each other and bond over the 7 night course
  • The course is more educational based teaching the parent and child new lifestyle techniques which can be used beyond the 7 nights

The courses have been carefully designed not only to lose weight but to build back confidence and self-esteem. Fusing both exercises with downtime, FitFarms encourage all children at the retreat to be proactive enabling the child to increase their social skills and create active leisure lifestyles.

It is not just about the 7 Nights but the continuation once you arrive home. Exercise at the retreats is designed as something to look forward to and not a repetition of the school sports lesson. Parents & Youths are shown how high intensity fitness activities combined with low intensity exercises enhance the overall fitness experience. A FitFarms@Home programme for each is designed as a continuation for 3 months after the course.

Three key areas are covered in the workshops; Nutrition, Exercise and Behaviour Change.

FitFarms 7 Night Parent Youth Courses run from Friday 5th April in Derbyshire and are priced from £1049 including all meals, all activities and transfers from the nearest train station.