Ynyshir Hall Hotel Head Chef Gareth Ward Welcomes Winter

Gareth Ward was appointed new head chef at Ynyshir Hall Hotel in the summer. Gareth has extensive experience from across the UK at leading restaurants. He has held positions at Hambleton Hall, Seaham Hall and more recently Sat Bains, a Two Star Michelin restaurant serving modern British cuisine where he was Sous Chef in the team that gained their second Michelin Star.

Ynyshir Hall Restaurant Mid Res Ynyshir Hall Hotel Head Chef Gareth Ward Welcomes Winter

Ynyshir Hall is famous for its dining experience, for 11 years it held a Michelin Star. Under all chefs the hotel was awarded Rosettes and currently holds three. Gareth has created new 7 course and 10 course menus for dinner and some of his winter dishes bring together old traditions. Three stand out dishes from the menu that may surprise this winter include:

New Season Carrots
Baked in Hay & Salt
Goat’s Curd – Hay Ash
The whole of the carrot is used to make this dish. Some of the carrots are baked in hay, others are cooked in carrot juice to make the puree and if any carrots are not fit to be cooked, they are fermented and the juices used to dress the dish. Finally the carrot top is made into an oil and the nicer looking carrot tops are used as garnish. Gareth then balances the freshness of the carrots by adding Goats curd which lends a rich creaminess to the dish.

Wild Mallard
Cauliflower – Raisin – Caper – Blue Cheese – Chocolate
Gareth is particularly fond of the gaming season, he likes the fact that it is for a brief period during the year that its organised as a proper affair where people meet, shoot and then often sit down to enjoy a meal of what they have shot. This mallard is the first game from a local shoot to feature on his tasting menu. The flavours of this dish are also interesting as he has brought different classic flavour combinations together in one dish; blue cheese, chocolate and game are all known to work well together. The chocolate is 100% and very acidic and Gareth grates this over the dish to season the bird. Cauliflower, raisin and capers are a classic French combination; the capers and raisins in particular bring saltiness to the dish. Gareth skilfully balances all of these flavours to compliment the bird.

Salt Marsh Lamb- SY20
Clams – Garlic – Seaweed – Radish
The lamb Gareth uses is fed on land surrounding the hotel which is why Ynyshir Hall’s postcode features in the title of the dish! To complement the local theme of this dish Gareth uses seaweed from Ynyslas beach which is then picked in soy, mirin and rice vinegar.

Gareth Ward head chef at Ynyshir Hall Hotel 768x1024 Ynyshir Hall Hotel Head Chef Gareth Ward Welcomes Winter

These are just some of Gareth’s new dishes. The 10 course tasting menu appears below. Ynyshir Hall is blessed with an abundance of wonderful fresh local ingredients. Ynyshir Hall’s succulent seafood comes from Cardigan Bay — with lobsters, crabs and shrimp landed at Aberystwyth and Borth. And there is exceptional wild salmon and sewin in the local rivers. Venison and wild game are in abundance, Ynyshir Hall has tender-sweet Welsh lamb along with free-range chicken and Welsh Black beef which is second to none. Pork is organic and bacon is hand-cut for breakfast with sausages prepared to the hotel’s own recipe.

The kitchen garden produces wonderful fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads. Gareth collects wild foods such as mushrooms, samphire, wood sorrel and wild garlic — all absolutely delicious thanks to the purity of the local soil, water and air.

Sample 10 Course Tasting Menu by Gareth Ward:
– ‘Not French Onion Soup’
– Mackerel Sweet & Sour
– Prawn
Pig Head – Leek – Buttermilk
– Foie Gras
Banana – Miso – Verjus
– New Season Carrots
Baked in Hay & Salt
Goat’s Curd – Hay Ash
– Salt Marsh Lamb- SY20
Clams – Garlic – Seaweed – Radish
– Yorkshire Grouse
Onion – Cider – Bacon – Watercress
– Optional Cheese
– Lager & Lime
– Blackberries – Penlanlas Farm
Rice Pudding – Wood Sorrel
– Walnut Whip
Maple – Merlot Vinegar Reduction
– Pear
Welsh Heather Honey – Hazelnut – Yogurt – Lemon

£90.00 per person plus £60.00 wine pairing per person

With 10 spacious bedrooms all named after famous artists offering views over 14 acres of stunning garden, a lounge bar with a roaring log fire, Ynyshir Hall is the ideal dining destination surrounded by the Cambrian Mountains this winter.
Eglwysfach, Powys, Wales, SY20 8TA Telephone: 01654 781209 Twitter @ynyshirhall
Rooms start from £205.00 based on two sharing including a 2 course breakfast
Winter Break: 3 nights for 2 at Ynyshir Hall Hotel Until 20th December